Envoyé Spécial, 2ème étape : Alyzée

Souvenez-vous d'Alyzée, elle avait participé à la première phase de notre concours Envoyé Spécial et sa lettre avait tapé dans l'oeil de notre jury, la sélectionnant ainsi pour la 2ème étape. Elle partage donc avec nous aujourd'hui une vidéo pour vous convaincre, ainsi que notre équipe à Dublin, de la faire gagner un séjour de 2 semaines dans notre école en Irlande. Vous pourrez aussi lire ci-dessous la lettre qu'elle adresse à notre équipe dublinoise. 

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Dear committee members,

You know what? Last night I was fast asleep when suddenly a wee fella appeared to me! He was bouncing up and down coming right at me! Once I woke up I thought it was all over and I thought “no more Guinness beer before going to bed!” but how surprised I was when I saw him stuffing himself with shortbreads sitting in the middle of my kitchen! He told me I had to bring him home. He won't go home without me! That is what he said! – but I WAS hungry! – Yes I know Kaplaani, hush now; I am trying to focus on writing my letter so I can bring you back home!

I cannot believe you are going to read the words I am currently typing! To be honest it is already August 16th, 2013 and I have just been informed that I would eventually end up learning English in Dublin. Lucky me! This is why I am trying hard to write something more than suitable to convince you.

It would be a real opportunity for me to have a better accent and to travel at the same time in an English-speaking country! I really wish to learn common phrases because I already know a lot about the English you learn in textbooks. Don't laugh at me but I have never been to a place other than England – as far as the English language is concerned. Lucky me! You poor thing! What's more, it was only for a few days AND Kate did not even deliver her royal baby while I was there, how disappointing! “Please, Sir, I want some more!” Stop begging please!

Why do you have to choose me?
You have to know that I am a hard-working woman and I am always committed to do everything I undertake! I think we can say there is no one more committed than myself when being in class! I am always the one who comes and sits in the front raw (bootlicker!!) I am definitely not a bootlicker as he implies! I love studying English but I want to learn it with a colourful accent, I want to know more about Celtic history and the history of the British Isles. You can see I am not lying when reading the comments below my article on Kaplan's blog online; my relatives are pretty fed up with me reading English, watching series in English, shouting in English, crying in English (OK things haven't gone that far yet but still...)

I wanted to go to Ireland in August but I had to give up because I had to work to save money! Thus this two-week course – and travel at the same time – would be quite a divine luck for me! (May Saint Patrick be with me – with US! - Yeah that is right with us!!

The thing is, I know I can write excellent English, but I NEED TO PRACTICE English – to actually speak it with English-speaking people. I want to sound local! Yes my dear, you sound so poch! Indeed, we French learners, do learn written English but without really immersing ourselves in the language per se. That is all my English education really lacks! You can really fix it, I know it! Indeed, using English as a mother tongue without ever resorting to French during two weeks would be an incredible opportunity!

Let's forget about my education for a moment! I want you to know how joyful I am. “There is a time for everything” as they say. I am ambitious as I know exactly what I want to do as a living. I am broad-minded and this is a real asset for this contest as I am to meet people living in a different country, with different customs, different backgrounds, different behaviours and a different language. I am easy to work with and always cheerful. Plus I am reliable; when I say something I mean it! Did I tell you I was very committed in everything I do? Thus trust me when I say I will blog on a daily basis during my stay in Dublin! I know how to deal with a computer so it won't be a chore to me! I am young and this is an asset because … did I tell you I was born typing on a computer? I will write funny, lively and original columns! I know I will enjoy this because I have never been to Dublin and I want Internet users to make the most of my trip! I want them to discover Dublin and its cultural wealth with me all along! With US, for Chrissake!

For this reason – and because he keeps telling things in my head and that is getting on my nerves – you should send me to Ireland. Otherwise Kaplaani – that is how I decided to name him! - won't be very happy! Plus he told me I could walk all day long in Temple Bar – he even said he would come with me! He implied I should meet his other friends in The Liberties. I think he is cray-cray! Please help me!

I will write about my daily trips with his help. I am made for this job as I am a trainee English teacher and I know how to convey my knowledge! When it comes to English I am not shy at all! Don't be afraid! I could also broadcast short reports online! Let me tell you I posted some things about my trips in English in January and in July so I am pretty familiar with this. I am eager to learn, eager to share and as a consequence I would like to broaden my audience so that I can share my passion and they can read me as well.

Last but not least, I would say you should choose me for all these reasons and YOU WON'T REGRET IT, fire away!

I hope you will enjoy reading me and I hope you will be willing to see me stride along the Dublin roads and thanks a million for reading me.

Yours Sincerely,

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