Envoyé Spécial, 2ème étape : Emilie

Souvenez-vous d'Emilie, elle avait participé à la première phase de notre concours Envoyé Spécial et sa lettre avait tapé dans l’oeil de notre jury, la sélectionnant ainsi pour la 2ème étape. Elle partage donc avec nous aujourd’hui une vidéo pour vous convaincre, ainsi que notre équipe à Dublin, de la faire gagner un séjour de 2 semaines dans notre école en Irlande. Vous pourrez aussi lire ci-dessous la lettre qu’elle adresse à notre équipe dublinoise.

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Hope dies last. This is what summed up me very well. I hope to win this contest, fly to Dublin and have intensive lessons in English. You can see that my English isn’t perfect and that I need to improve it! I’m not a student in foreign languages but I’m a student in marketing specialized in entrepreneurial innovation. I wish a career abroad, which English will be my ally during my travels and will allow me to better integration in the selected country.

Rely on my good mood daily and natural to easily integrate me in your school. Rely on my good will and motivation to learn seriously. Count on my curiosity “born” to discover all the landscapes of the Ireland.

Well, what I’ll put in my suitcase? A notepad, a pen, my camera, my computer and also warm clothes that I always need here in Dunkirk too. I’m off to adventure! I’m off to the discovery of an unknown country yet for me! Each of my trips I realize a picture-book to remember all those wonderful moments! Indeed, the purpose of travel is to learn but also to preserve wonderful memories to share with loved ones. Travel allows too knowing people all around the world, to build a very good international relationship and then we can be only open-minding! This is a success of a very good life!

Winning this contest would be a great pride for my family, my friends and me! Offer me this opportunity! I’ll be up to your expectations, let me prove it to you! Trust in me.


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